BMW 3 Series Car Cover (2012+)

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BMW 3 Series Car Cover (2012+) Description

The BMW “Future” indoor/outdoor car cover is a completely new development and has been specially designed for use both indoors and out. The use of this cover helps to preserve the value of the car. The car is optimally protected against dirt and dust, as well as against environmental influences and scratches. The cover is specially tailored to fit like a second skin over the your BMW 3 Series Sedan. The designs on both sides of the car cover were created by BMW DesignworksUSA and display a silhouette of the Vision EfficientDynamics car. In addition, the car cover has been made with the minimum number of seams so that it has the effect of a sealed cover. The back of the cover bears the model designation “BMW 3 Series”.


  • Custom fit to the profile of your BMW
  • Breathable fabric allows moisture trapped under the cover to evaporate
  • Overlapping seams
  • Reinforced grommets
  • Storage bag included
  • Lightweight – easy to put on and remove
  • Washable


We suggest adding the BMW Cable and Lock Kit to your order. This will assist in holding your BMW car cover firmly in place.



BMW 3 Series Car Cover (2012+)


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