Vossen VWS-1 Wheels



The Vossen x Work Series is defined by its two-piece welded construction. A variety of configurations are available, including Flat Lip, Stepped Lip, and Stepped Lip with Overlapping Spokes.

These assembly configurations facilitate a variety of aesthetics as well as fitment options, allowing for a deep lip and flat face or deep concave face with overlapping spokes. Varying disc types also aid the fitment of bigger brakes.

Flat and deep profiles are available for each Vossen x Work design. While some high offset applications may not be able to accommodate deep centers, other applications may choose between a deep center and smaller lip or flat center and deeper lip.

Vossen x Work wheels are stocked in two standard finishes, Matte Silver and Matte Gunmetal, both accompanied by a polished anodized barrel.

A machined Vossen x Work center cap is standard across all finishing options.

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The Vossen x Work Series is rooted far deeper than a collaboration between companies. Understanding WORK’s proprietary two-piece manufacturing process opened many doors in the design department, eventually leading to a style and construction that is impossible to truly replicate in any other way.

Working within the parameters of the two-piece configuration, a range of three center disc styles were developed, including a classic five-spoke, ten-spoke, and mesh pattern.

A variety of two barrel types and three configurations allows for each center disc design to be made unique, complimented by six barrel and 15 center finishes.

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