Mercedes Burmester Door Speaker Cover With Ambient Light


Burmester speaker grille / cover with ambient light for Mercedes C / GLC / E Class midrange speaker, light color can be controlled by original Command control button.
  • Compatible Car: Mercedes C / E / GLC
  • Product Category:Burmester Speaker Cover


Compatible Car Model List:

  • Mercedes Benz C Class W205 2014+
  • C 180 / C 200 / C 300
  • Mercedes Benz E Class W213 2016+
  • E 200 / E300 / E 320
  • Mercedes GLC X253


  • OE fit installation, plug and play installation, no need to cut cables
  • With ambient light same as original ambient light
  • Ambient light can be controlled by original COMMAND control


  • E Class: 64 colors
  • C Class / GLC: 3 or 12 colors

For C Class W205 / GLC X253, we have 2 options of our products:

  • Option 1: the light color is controlled by the original COMMAD control button
  • Option 2: the light color is changed automatically


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