BMW 759 Individual G30


Alloy rims 8.0 x 20 ET 30. 9.0 x 20 ET 44
Part Number: 8053501 | 8053502
Tire manufacturer: Bridgestone Potenza S001 summer tyres R01 with RDK sensors
Tire size: 245/35 R20 95Y DOT: 0517 | 275/30 R20 97Y DOT: 4316
Tread depth approx: New | New (tires have usually 8 mm)
Models: BMW G30 and G31

Only in the world, can deliver 20 ” individual wheels for the new BMW 5 Series G30 sedan and touring G31 2017.

The new BMW 5 Series is not yet available, but we can already deliver brand-new original Individual wheels.

The new BMW 5 Series G30 sedan and Touring G31 have a different chassis than the current BMW 5 Series F10 sedan and F11 Touring.

The stitch has been changed from 5 x 120 to 5 x 112 and the hub has been changed from 72.5 mm to 66.6 mm.

Therefore, you can not use the current 5 Series wheels for the new model.

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